1.All Tournament games will be conducted under National Federation of High School Basketball Rules, unless otherwise noted. 

Coaches are responsible to see that their team meets all eligibility requirements.  

All players must meet the grade-level or age-exception criteria and present a copy of their birth certificate and
 current-year report card for verification.

 Reports Cards must include the player's name, school name, current grade, and current school year.

 *Proof of age and/or grade must be available for review, by Gulf Coast Basketball Director or tournament staff member, if requested. If said information is not available the player in question and or team is subject to removal from the competition.*  

• A player may play up in a higher grade division. 

A player can play on only one team within a single Grade division of any tournament. A player can play in more than one Grade division of any tournament, provided the player is Grade eligible for each division in which the player participates.  

 Acceptable proofs of age are clean photocopies of birth certificate, adoption papers, immigration papers or school documentation. Acceptable proofs of grade include a clean copy of any report card of the current school year. 

                                       Grade Based Requirements

2nd Grade
A player must be in the 2nd grade as of October 1, 2018 and cannot turn 10 prior to September 1, 2019.

3rd Grade
A player must be in the 3rd grade as of October 1, 2018 and cannot turn 11 prior to September 1, 2019.

4th Grade
A player must be in the 4th grade as of October 1, 2018 and cannot turn 12 prior to September 1, 2019.

5th Grade
A player must be in the 5th grade as of October 1, 2018 and cannot turn 13 prior to September 1, 2019.

6th Grade
A player must be in the 6th grade as of October 1, 2018 and cannot turn 14 prior to September 1, 2019
7th Grade
A player must be in the 7th grade as of October 1, 2018 and cannot turn 15 prior to September 1, 2019.

8th Grade
A player must be in the 8th grade as of October 1, 2018 and cannot turn 16 prior to September 1, 2019.

9th Grade
A player must be in the 9th grade as of October 1, 2018 and cannot turn 17 prior to September 1, 2019.

10th Grade
A player must be in the 10th grade as of October 1, 2018 and cannot turn 18 prior to September 1, 2019.

11th/12th Grade
A player must be in the 11th or 12th grade as of October 1, 2018 and cannot turn 20 prior to September 1, 2019.

Note: If a player exceeds an age limit for any grade level, that player must play at the next highest grade level in which their age meets the requirement.

 2. Uniforms. Are required to have numbers on the back of the uniform, it is recommended that uniform numbers be on both the front and back of the uniform. All other NFHS rules regarding uniforms and uniform numbers are waived. It is recommended, but not required, that teams have both a dark aA player must be in the 2nd grade or under as of October 1, 2016 and cannot turn 10 prior to September 1, 2017

3.Home Team Designation. In bracket play, the top team listed will be the home team. In pool n play, the team listed first will be the home team 

4.Game Ball/Scorekeeper/Clock Operator The game ball, will be provided by either team with approval of both teams. Score keeper will be provided by the home team, the visiting team may have a scorer at the table & clock operator will be provided by the tournament host. A scorekeeper or clock operator can be removed and replaced at any time by the game officials or the Tournament Director, whenever it is deemed appropriate to do so.  

5.Game Clock and Exceptions.  
a.Unless otherwise noted, a regulation clock will be used... 
b.Divisions for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade teams will play (2) 14 minute halves. 
Divisions for  9th, 10th, 11th & 12th grade teams will play 2) 16 minute halves. 
  C. l overtime periods will be 3 minutes.  

d.Running Clock: : When a team leads by 25 points or more during the 2nd half of a game, a running clock will be used. Anytime the running clock is used, the clock is stopped only for timeouts, injuries or for official timeouts. . If the lead is reduced below 20 points, the regulation clock is resumed. 

e.Half time will be 3 minutes (half time may be reduced at the option of the Tournament Director. 

6.Free Throws. Will follow NFHS Rules. 

7.Timeouts. Each team will be allowed 1thirty-second timeouts & 1 one minute time outs each half One additional timeout will be allowed for each overtime period. 

8.Pressing Rules. 
a.Teams are not allowed to press over half court with a 25 point or more lead. 
b.The first violation will draw a warning from the officials; subsequent violations will receive a technical foul against the bench. 

9.Ball Size. The intermediate size ball will be used for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th grade Boys’ divisions and all Girls’ divisions. All other divisions will use the regulation size ball. 

10.Warm-Up. A minimum of 5 minutes will be provided for pre-game warm-up (the warm-up time may be reduced at the option of the Tournament Director). Half-time warm-up is available for team members in uniform and playing in the next scheduled game.  

11.Tiebreaker for Pool Play: 

a.Two Team Tie: Winner of game between two teams tied awarded higher place, with losing team awarded next place. 

b.Three or more teams tied: Step 1: Head to head record for tied teams, with placing/seeding based upon the head to head record. Step 2: If head to head records are the same for 3 or more teams, the Point Differential Rule is used (each team given a point differential for each game played, with a maximum +15 or –15 differential for any one game). In the event of a forfeit, the team forfeiting shall be given -15 points and the team receiving the forfeit will be given +15 points. In the event of a double forfeit, each team is given a loss with a point differential of 0.i. Point 
Differential used for all pool or round robin games. Places awarded places based upon highest Point Differential 

c.If two teams have the same point differential, winner of the head to head game between the teams awarded the higher place. 

d.If 3 or more teams remain tied, higher place awarded based upon the lowest defensive points allowed. Any remaining ties awarded based upon head to head competition. 

12.Coach/Player Ejection. Any coach or player who is ejected from a game by a game official or the Tournament Director will be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game for that team. Multiple will result in suspension from the tournament or other corrective action by the Tournament Director or  

13.Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Each coach is responsible for the conduct of the team’s players, coaches and fans on and off the court and must promote the best sportsmanship, win or lose. The Tournament Director or any game official may remove a player, coach, or fan from a game, tournament, or venue for inappropriate behavior. . 

14.Application of Rules. The Tournament Director may modify the Tournament Rules when the Tournament Director deems it in the best interests of the tournament to do so and all teams, coaches, players, and attendees will be bound by any such change. 

Player Eligibility Protests:  

Any player eligibility protest should be reported immediately so that it may be heard in a timely manner. Any protest of player eligibility must be made prior to a game. Failure to protest eligibility prior to a game will waive a team’s opportunity to protest any player’s eligibility for that game. 

The ruling on a protest will be made by the Tournament Director and is final and binding on all coaches, players, and attendees of the event.  

The Tournament Director shall apply the Player Eligibility Rules in such manner as the Tournament Director deems appropriate to uphold not only the letter but the spirit of such rules and all coaches, players, and attendees shall be bound by any such application. 

Game Forfeiture Policy 

General: Tournament play requires games to be played early morning and late evening, which may not always be convenient for the participating teams, when a team forfeits a game in any tournament, the following rules apply: 

1.The team receives a loss for the scheduled game. 

2.A team forfeiting any game is still expected to play any and all subsequently scheduled games. 

3.The team forfeits any team or individual awards given for participation in the forfeited game. 

4.a game called by a game official or Tournament Director due to the misconduct of a player, coach or fan shall be deemed forfeiture by such team for purposes of the Forfeit Penalty. 

The forfeit penalty rules may be modified or waived by the tournament director in certain situations. Factors considered will include communications from the teams as to their unavailability to play the scheduled game, the timing of such communications, the circumstances causing the forfeiture and such other considerations deemed relevant by the tournament director. Any decision by the tournament director as to the application of the Forfeiture Rules shall be binding upon all teams and participants. 

Team Entry Withdrawal Policy 

1.Entry Withdrawal. A team withdrawing an entry on or before the entry deadline for a tournament will receive a full cash refund of the Entry Fee, Withdrawal must be in writing ether by email, text or fax addressed t to the tournament director. 

2.Late Withdrawal. Any withdrawal after the entry deadline will be considered to be a Late Withdrawal. If a fully paid entry is found to replace the withdrawing team prior to the posting of the tournament schedule, the withdrawing team will receive a full refund. A Withdrawals after the posting of the tournament schedule , will be assessed a $20 per game Withdrawal Fee and the balance of the Entry Fee refunded within 30 days.